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Joey's Lovey Drive
Coping With Laryngomalacia's
Breathe Easy Care Package Program

Lets Make a Difference Together

Every $15 donation gets 1 (one) lovey custom designed by us to go towards Joey's Lovey Drive. No minimum donation requirements. You choose your amount...$1, $5, $10 etc. This Lovey Drive is benefiting Coping with LM's Breathe Easy Care Package Program. For more information on Coping with LM and their wonderful not-for-profit organization please visit


Every sponsored lovey is custom designed by us and will be shipped directly to Coping With LM-55 Leonardville Road-First Floor-Belford, NJ 07718 USA


We will include a special "sponsor by" keepsake card with with every sponsored lovey. This card displays the generous sponsor list (with your name) and a special message from Joey and the Schroeder Family. You also have the option to remain anonymous


Please message or email us to let us know how you prefer your name to be displayed on the card.

For example: "The Smith Family" ---"Bill & Mary Smith"----"Anonymous" etc...


**Examples of our 2020 Lovey Drive cards are shown below.**


Once all of the sponsored lovey's from Joey's Lovey Drive are finished and shipped, they will be shared on our social media pages and Joey's Facebook page.


Please note, in order to save on shipping costs and keep the sponsored lovey price low, all sponsored loveys are shipped in batches with other sponsored loveys and care package donations. Please allow sufficient time for us to fill our shipments. Thank You!

Our 2022 Joey Lovey Drive Results

Joey Lovey Drive Enclosure Card Inside Updated 12.13.23.jpg
Joey Lovey Drive 2023 Shipment Sponsor Card Close Up.jpg

Examples of the Keepsake Card Sent with Every Lovey
Sponsored from the 2020 Lovey Drive

Joey Lovey Drive Enclosure Card Inside


Coping with for providing valuable resources and support for complex airway warriors and their families


The Schroeder Family for your ongoing support and love towards both CWL and LLMABD. Your generous and loving heart towards other airway families does not go unnoticed. You are truly remarkable. God Bless You

Special Appearances Made By:

Lu The Lamb

You can adopt Lu the Lamb by visiting

How Did Joey's Lovey Drive Begin?

During our family's unexpected multiple airway disorders journey, we came across an amazing organization who helped us navigate the uncharted waters and struggles of our childrens medical issues. Coping with provided us with compassion, education and togetherness through their online Caregiver Support Group. We were so grateful and wanted to discover a way to give back, but how? 

So, we took a moment to look back on our son's multiple surgeries, procedures and daily struggle to breathe and feed. We noticed he found comfort in his soft minky baby lovey security blanket. I brought out my sewing machine and made him more loveys with extra soft snuggly minky for comfort and sensory details to distract him at his medical appointments. This evolved into making more and donating to Coping with's Breathe Easy Care Package Program. It gave me the ability to give back to an amazing organization and help others going through similar difficult journeys. 

During all of this, a fellow caregiver in our support group reached out requesting a custom lovey for her son. I excitedly agreed and made her son "Joey" his first custom LLMABD Lovey. This started a chain reaction of more loveys for Joey and an amazing friendship with The Schroeder Family.


In 2018 Joey's mom approached me with the idea of a "Lovey Drive" in celebration of Joey's birthday. Together we organized fundraising efforts and collaborated family and friends to spread the word. That's when "Joey's Lovey Drive" project was officially born!

Joey's family collected donations to raise funds so we could make more loveys to send to Coping with LM's Breathe Easy Care Package Program.


The first drive in 2018 successfully sponsored 60 loveys! More than we imagined!! This concept grew and has bloomed even bigger since then.


In 2020 The Schroeder Family went at it again and were able to raise enough funds to sponsor and double the previous lovey drive. They hit 140 loveys!!

In 2022 family, friends and other caregivers assisted The Schroeder Family to crush their goals once again! In order to raise more funds and help the Earth, The Schroeder Family put together a local can return collection for recycling and turned them in to additional funds for the lovey drive. They blew everyone away with a final count of 160 loveys!!

The Schroeder Family supported and touched so many lives by volunteering their hard work and time to assist in the fundraising efforts needed to make Joey's Lovey Drive possible. Their heartfelt love for others turned in to a beautiful chain reaction of kindness. They are supporting a small family business (LLMABD), an amazing not-for-profit organization (Coping with, and have touched the lives of hundreds of Brave Warriors who have received the sponsored loveys from Joey's Lovey Drive Project in CWL's Breathe Easy Care Packages.

Thank you, Joey, and the Schroeder Family for Your Amazing Support!!

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