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A portion of our custom order sales proceeds go towards our Lovey Projects and 20% is donated in cash amounts directly to not-for-profit organizations. Please helps us continue our snuggly lovey care package donations by donating any amount. We greatly appreciate your support and generosity!

Help Our Lovey Projects!

Sponsor a lovey for charity for only $15 each!

Your donation will enable us to continue making loveys and security blankets for brave warriors undergoing lifesaving testing, procedures and surgeries.


Our Lovey Project donates new loveys to Not-For-Profit Children's Charity Programs.*


Your kind and thoughtful donation will help fund a little lovey that will make a big difference!

Every sponsored lovey is custom design by us, and we include a "Sponsor By" keepsake card with every lovey.

How do you prefer your name to be displayed on the card for the future recipient? 




Sponsored by:

"Sarah Smith"

"The Smith Family"

"Sarah, Bill and Jack Smith"

"Warrior Jackson and Family"



Please enter your preferred text below:

If no entry is made, we will enter "anonymous"

Thank you for making a big difference with us!! God Bless You!

*If you wish to sponsor a lovey to go to a different not-for-profit please contact us prior to submitting payment.

Please note, in order to save on shipping costs and keep the sponsored lovey price low, all sponsored loveys are shipped in batches with other sponsored loveys and care package donations. Please allow sufficient time for us to fill our shipment. Thank You!

Have you heard of "Joey's Lovey Drive"?

*Please note: Our lovey project donates to 501(c) not-for-profit and nonprofit organizations but we are not a 501(c) not-for-profit or nonprofit organization. We are a small business striving to help others by contributing to not-for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Thank you for your support!

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